Programme and Project Management

* 2020MS Define Projects and Programmes: Often a client organisation must define a Project or Programme before it can set out on the delivery mission. 2020MS do this by working with client groups to discover how the requirements of individuals, departments and the organisation can best be satisfied within Social, Technical, Environmental, Political, Financial, Legal and time constraints. 2020MS is adept in preparing work definition, justification and presentation of investment opportunities to higher management.

* 2020MS Manage Programmes:
Our consultants are MSP (Management of Successful Programmes) qualified to Practitioner level. The MSP qualification is sponsored by the OGC (Office of Government Commerce) and administered by the (APMG) Association of Project Managers. A programme seeks to achieve an outcome typically delivered by a number of related projects. 2020MS have significant experience of facilities and operational masterplanning and management of capital investment programmes

* 2020MS Manage Projects: Our consultants are PRINCE2 (Projects in Contained Environments) qualified to Practitioner Level. The PRINCE2 qualification is sponsored by the OGC (Office of Goverment Commerce) and administered by the (APMG) Association of Project Managers. A project sets out to achieve one or a number of measurable outputs either stand-alone or as part of a programme. 2020MS Project Managers are experienced and qualified to run the whole process from inception to close out.

* 2020MS Recover Projects: The final outcome of a project is always defined by the quality of the front end work and detail in the planning. Sometimes circumstances evolve during the delivery of a project, which require reorientation of the project team and updating of the project plan and deliverables. 2020MS have extensive experience in this area through our ability to quickly find technical as well and managerial solutions to project issues.

* 2020MS Plan, Cost and Control Projects: 2020MS maintain that project controls are integral to the project management process. Our Project Managers take full responsibility for alignment of the cost and time plan with the project deliverables. In many cases 2020MS will provide the project plan, work breakdown structure, scheduling, cost estimation and cost management service. 2020MS are also able to prepare, tender, assess and let work packages for any part of design and construction. 2020MS prefer the New Engineering Contract (NEC/ECC) because of the emphasis on partnership, openness and payment for agreed deliverables.

* 2020MS Are Construction Health, Safety and Environment Conscious: As construction professionals 2020MS are familiar with the Construction Design and Management regulations 2007 including designer risk assessments preparation of the pre-tender plan and Construction Plan. Site control and safe methods of working are aligned with The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 2003 by use of method statements, risk assessments and Permitting. We are also fully aware of risks and legislation applying to specialist aspects of work such as working at height, working in excavations, lifting, and grinding activities.
During the design we take into account access plans for personnel, equipment and materials including building evacuation and escape routes, both during construction phases as well as on project completion.
Potential environmental issues on projects are generally addressed on an as-needs basis except for the Site Waste Management Plan which is a legal requirement for all projects over £300k.