The Values We Seek to Promote and Uphold

We set up 2020 Management Solutions in 2002 to deliver excellent engineering and management services and solutions. We wrote down our values to confirm the attitudes and behaviours we believe in promoting. These relate to corporate and personal integrity and responsibility; respect for the individual; building teams around clear objectives; and open recognition and promotion of excellence wherever and whenever we can.

We still constantly work to maintain these values today as we pass our 10-year anniversary.

Nick Winter. MBA.BSc.CEng.MICHEME. January 2012

Proactive VS Reactive

Question, Listen, Understand VS Lecturing

Challenging Issues VS Blaming People

Facilitating VS Judging

Building Teams VS Divisive

Inspiring VS Micromanaging

Visionary VS Criticising

Forward Thinking VS Dwelling in the Past

Describing VS Comparing

Personal Accountability VS Hiding in the System

Empathy VS Bullying

Fun, Interest, Enthusiasm VS Dullness, Boredom, Laziness